Danielle R. Dody

Director of Corporate Finance

Danielle Dody is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. Her expertise spans finance and management of operations.  Her experience includes Municipal and Private Projects with experience ranging from operation to budgeting and forecasting through completion and closeout of each project. 

More specifically, Ms. Dody has worked as a liaison to Surety’s major defaults involving multiple projects for large General Contractors, property management companies and construction managers. Ms. Dody’s extensive list of projects includes One World Trade, the National 911 museum, and the World Trade Center vehicle security Center. 

Ms. Dody’s expertise is a critical success factor for Renu. She works closely with owners, construction managers, investors, partners and senior project management members to continually conduct contract negotiations, decrease risk, maintain forecasting and cash flow schedules and prepare analysis used to allocate financial resources.

In addition to finance, Ms. Dody is driven to maintain a highly effective staff to ensure clients and projects are always our number one priority.