2023, Quarter 2

Irvington Middle School has adopted an innovative approach to its hallway flooring, departing from the conventional use of LVT, VCT, or Terrazzo. These materials, while durable, fail to address the issue of noise reduction. Inspired by a carpeting solution observed in a high-traffic skiing lodge, the assistant superintendent introduced Flotex Waterproof Carpet Tile to the school’s hallways. Just as skiing lodges require waterproof flooring to combat moisture and foot traffic, so do school hallways. This transition replaced the original flexible Terrazzo tile with Flotex Waterproof Carpet Tile, a project executed by Milburn’s team over the course of one week, incorporating various color patterns. Maintenance is comparable to that of VCT. Despite initial skepticism, including among the custodial staff, the results have been remarkably positive. After the first month of school, teachers appreciate the noise reduction benefits and the improved ease of cleaning compared to the previous flooring. Notably, Milburn’s team also skillfully incorporated a circular logo into the hallway floor, demonstrating their expertise and craftsmanship.


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The project went very well and was completed sooner than I expected.
Irvington School District
RENU and Milburn are great reliable companies that are always a pleasure to deal with.
Farmingdale School District
Professional, courteous, reliable are all words to describe your services and people who work for you. I wish all companies had the integrity to stand behind their workmanship the way you do. It is a pleasure doing business with your... Read More
Longwood Central School District
Always easy to work with. Your sales reps have always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.
Kings Park School District
One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with.
Harrison School District
Wonderful service all around. Thank you!
Huntington Public Library