Turnkey Energy Solutions

ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING is a budget-neutral approach to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency. By partnering with RENU, a facility owner can use an EPC to pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings—without tapping into capital budgets.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS can be funded through existing capital or a bond referendum.  Contact RENU Energy Solutions for your energy improvement upgrade project.

PROJECTS FUNDED THROUGH A MUNICIPAL LEASE.  If an EPC is not appropriate and there is no capital available to fund the project we can arrange a municipal lease to provide funding for the project.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Type of Work

Lighting & Lighting Controls
Facilities should be upgraded to state of the art LED lighting with intelligent controls. Human Centric lighting enhances human performance, comfort, health and well-being.
Rooftop, parking lot canopies, and ground mounted arrays with or without battery storage.
Energy efficient and reliable heating and air conditioning equipment for buildings that will deliver energy savings and improve occupant comfort.
Building Controls
An Energy Management System (EMS) makes it possible to control every building system—HVAC, lighting, and security with a single interface.
installing low-flow faucet, toilets. Technologies to reduce water use. to save money
Building Envelope
Technologies to improve the roof, windows, insulation, weather stripping. Protects from external elements.
Improvements That Provide Savings

Benefits of EPC

  • Reduced facility costs
  • Sustainable solutions typically included
  • New equipment
  • Low interest rate environment
  • Turnkey approach (design/build/maintain)
  • State support/review of the solution
  • Local board decision
  • No upfront cost
  • Transparency
  • Focus on long-term cost not first-cost
  • Improved data for future decision making
  • Captures utility rebates and incentives
Connect building needs and funding sources

Ways To Use EPC

  • Replace aging equipment with new technology
  • Improve facility energy efficiency and reduce energy cost
  • Increase building air quality and safety
  • Replace deferred equipment
  • Budget neutral if desired
  • Mix of short and long payback items
  • Multiple campus opportunity
  • Creates elasticity in the capital budget without any increased funding
  • Can be mixed with other funding sources for extensive modernization