At RENU Contracting Restoration and Milburn Flooring, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operation. We take pride in consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences, quality craftsmanship, and possessing deep industry knowledge. Our unwavering dedication to quality and service is made possible by the exceptional teams that drive our business forward.

Central to our success is our steadfast focus on cultivating the talents of individuals within our organization.  We firmly believe that strong teams are the cornerstone of our achievements. When selecting candidates for key positions within our company, we identify the qualities and characteristics that contribute to the unparalleled customer intimacy we are known for in our industry.

Embracing our “people-first” philosophy has not only allowed us to fortify our company’s culture but has also empowered us to attract and retain top-tier talent within the industry.

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Employee Testimonials

RENU Contracting Restoration is a great place to work. Fast-paced and fast-growing, the company affords the opportunity to build an exciting career in the construction industry. The owners are intelligent businessmen, and the employees are some of the most dedicated... Read More
Beth Susi Lucignano – Corporate Compliance Manager
Working at RENU has been a positive experience. I’m appreciated and have received financial rewards and a sense of satisfaction for being a part of a growing company. Mike VanDenburg and Scott Colletti make a point to develop and nurture... Read More
Robert Honor – Senior Estimating coordinator
A great place to work and be a part of an ever-changing environment. Our diverse team of driven and skilled employees makes us one of the industry’s top leaders. Our reputation is second to none, and we pride ourselves on... Read More
Denise Guzzello – Project Manager
RENU promotes a family work environment. Multiple employee functions held throughout the year unites employees outside the everyday grind. A “team” mentality and dedication to completing jobs on time and within budget provides an opportunity to be rewarded through incentive... Read More
Victor Ziolkowski – Project Manager
A typical day is fast-paced, but the workload is manageable. I’ve learned so much from upper management; the CFO/Controller are fantastic. The culture is comprised of hardworking people who respect and support each other with a true team mentality. The... Read More
Karen Shaikh – Accounts Payable Manager
RENU Contracting Restoration and Milburn Flooring recognize talent, and retention is critical. There is a great moral compass at the leadership level. It is fast-paced, with a wide range of specialties catered to the municipal sector. The company is very... Read More
Mark Salzan – Maintenance Technician in Warehouse
I have worked at RENU Contracting Restoration and Milburn Flooring for over 16 years. I started as the Receptionist, then moved to Billing and now Collections. The owners saw my potential and supported my growth within the company. This is... Read More
Patrina Alesi – Accounts Receivable Coordinator
RM is a rapidly growing organization that offers amazing opportunities to individuals looking to grow in their career. There are many avenues for those who are highly motivated to build on their skills and find an exciting trajectory inside the... Read More
Ralph Cerullo – VP of Sales and Business Development
I have worked in a few places, so this is not my first rodeo. My experience here has only gotten better. This has been a family oriented company from the day they opened and has never changed. I enjoy coming... Read More
Richard Rella – Equipment & Fleet Manager
RENU is a leading example of what teamwork can accomplish in the construction industry. The camaraderie of the organization creates a great environment that encourages growth – both individual and separate divisions. Renu, Milburn, Sunrise, and Blendex are all final... Read More
Stephen Quetglas – Project Manager
Employees are recognized and compensated for their hard work. There are numerous long-tenured employees at RM with significant knowledge that is willingly shared. The owners lead by example, creating alignment, buy-in, and building commitment. While RM has grown, it retains... Read More
Dane Jones – Director of Supply Chain in Purchasing


Warren Trotman

“My journey so far climbing this ladder has been so surreal.  To start at the bottom and go through different divisions of the company and learn from each one to better my understanding of the construction process has been amazing.  Thinking back to my first week and almost quitting because I had to bring 100 – 80 lb. bags of concrete mix up two floors, I am so glad I decided to work hard instead.  It made me stronger both physically and mentally.  That set the tone for my future and growth with RMS.”
– Warren Trotman


Sal Santaniello

“ I love working for this company.  Watching what RMS has become over the years has been an exciting journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” – Sal Santaniello


Evelyn Sibilla

“I genuinely love working at RM. Every day is different, I am motivated by the immense potential that lies within this organization and the exciting possibilities that await us. I am grateful to be part of a team that encourages ambition, values growth, and empowers its employees to reach higher levels of success.” – Evelyn Sibilla


Why work in the construction industry?

Steady Growth:

The commercial construction industry has exhibited consistent growth over the years, contributing significantly to the overall economic landscape.
Steady Growth:

Job Creation:

The commercial construction sector is a major contributor to job creation. It provides employment opportunities for a diverse range of skilled workers.
Job Creation:

Economic Impact:

Commercial construction projects contribute substantially to the economy. The industry’s economic impact extends beyond construction itself, influencing sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and real estate.
Economic Impact:

Investment in Infrastructure:

There has been a notable increase in public and private investments in infrastructure projects, driving the demand for commercial construction services. Initiatives at federal, state, and local levels underscore the industry’s importance.
Investment in Infrastructure:

Green Building Practices:

There is a growing emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices. The adoption of green building standards and certifications is on the rise, reflecting a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in commercial construction.
Green Building Practices:

High Demand for Specialized Skills:

As projects become more complex and technology-driven, there is an increasing demand for workers with specialized skills in areas such as project management, sustainable design, and advanced construction methodologies.
High Demand for Specialized Skills:

Increased Collaboration:

The commercial construction industry is experiencing a shift toward collaborative project delivery methods. Integrated project teams, where various stakeholders work closely together from the project’s inception, contribute to more streamlined processes and improved outcomes.
Increased Collaboration:

Market Resilience:

Despite economic fluctuations, the commercial construction industry has demonstrated resilience. It adapts to market conditions and continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s built environment.
Market Resilience: