2021, Quarter 3

After sweeping through Louisiana and up the Eastern Seaboard, Hurricane Ida landed over New York City and the surrounding areas causing unprecedented flooding and devastation to local communities. The hurricane is estimated to have caused damage totaling in the billions of dollars. Beyond the personal and financial losses incurred by the event, many have been struggling with managing the aftermath of the storm. As a leader in the restoration and reconstruction, RENU Contracting Restoration was prepared to immediately respond to long-standing and new customers unexpectedly impacted by the water devastation caused by the storm. As weather events become more frequent and severe, it is important to have a restoration company that you can rely on to be responsive, knowledgeable, and ready with local teams that know what it takes to get critical infrastructures, such as educational facilities and government buildings back, online, and open for operation.

It is paramount for RENU to remain a leader and they do when it comes to providing exceptional service. The severity and consequence of damage on businesses and operations is not lost on RENU’s team. They answer every call knowing their customers are already in an intense and stressful situation. To ensure their service comes second to none RENU constantly invests in new equipment and technology, trains their team on best safety practices and protocols, and perfects emergency response capabilities within the company. Storm events are particularly challenging as they affect large areas simultaneously, putting stress on local resources. This summer Hurricane Ida produced substantial devastation due to the intense rain event that resulted in massive flooding, dramatically impacting commercial buildings and schools. Water damage is very dangerous and can directly affect a building’s structure, power, and accessibility. RENU’s restoration team provides a plan to customers. They deploy a team of experts who can assess damage quickly and advise customers. They take swift action to quickly contain and mitigate damage which is often the most critical time throughout the entire process. The sooner RENU’s team is on site the better for the overall outcome of an event, especially with water damage. If improperly mitigated or left too long mold becomes an issue leading to health risks including respiratory problems, skin conditions or allergies. RENU can safely remove all contaminated material and provide immediate services to properly reconstruct the site back and better than before. 

RENU is most proud of the responsiveness of their team. They are dispatched locally from our Long Island and lower Hudson Valley offices. Having manpower and resources that self-perform is critical when dealing with an emergency. They have intimate knowledge and expertise in this industry, know local laws and regulations, and have a personal connection to the community.

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RENU provides emergency response for flood, fire, smoke, and mold damage. Whenever a disaster strikes, RENU is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate occupied buildings and minimize disruption. Call us or report a loss through our RENU App and our immediate response team can expedite the remediation and reconstruction of a damaged facility.

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The project went very well and was completed sooner than I expected.
Irvington School District
RENU and Milburn are great reliable companies that are always a pleasure to deal with.
Farmingdale School District
Professional, courteous, reliable are all words to describe your services and people who work for you. I wish all companies had the integrity to stand behind their workmanship the way you do. It is a pleasure doing business with your... Read More
Longwood Central School District
Always easy to work with. Your sales reps have always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.
Kings Park School District
One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with.
Harrison School District
Wonderful service all around. Thank you!
Huntington Public Library