Connetquot Middle School

School Auditorium

Connetquot Middle School Auditorium

RENU and Milburn worked at Connetquot – Oakdale Bohemia and Ronkonkoma Middle School auditorium with architect John Grillo. Both auditoriums were gutted back in February 2021 and completed by the end of the summer. RENU installed RTU units and provided carpentry, electrical work, seating, stage extension, acoustic panels, fire alarms, and a high-end A/V system.

Oakdale Bohemia and Ronkonkoma Middle school auditoriums are active jobs that both RENU and Milburn are working on. With the exception of a recent floor installation by Milburn a few years ago, the auditoriums have not been updated in many years. RENU and Milburn are working simultaneously with architect John Grillo to make this job happen. The entire auditoriums were gutted in February 2021. The project was originally supposed to start in June 2021 when school let out but thanks to the great team effort and communication with the architect and the school district, they were able to start earlier beginning work after school hours. RENU is installing new AVC unit brackets on the roof, providing electrical work, carpentry, seating, stage extension, fire alarms, acoustic panels, and a high-end A/V system while Milburn will take care of the flooring consisting of carpet and epoxy. The project is expected to be done before school goes begins again in September 2021.

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