2023, Quarter 2

There has been a surge in demand for Milburn’s Quick Ship program, with numerous facilities capitalizing on its swift flooring installation options. Milburn’s stock includes 10 LVT and 5 carpet tile alternatives, enabling expedited installation due to its consistent availability. This expedited service proves invaluable for instances requiring short-notice flooring replacements, such as post-disaster restorations following events like floods or fires.

During the summer season, several institutions, including James O’Neill High School, Fulmar Road Elementary School, Mahopac High School, and Oceanside Elementary School, effectively leveraged the advantages of Milburn’s quick ship solutions. These institutions were able to benefit from the remarkable efficiency, ensuring minimal disruption to the daily operations of their facilities.

James O’Neill High School, a member of the Highland Falls School District, encountered a pressing need for new flooring within their school library following a flood incident triggered by a roof leak during a severe storm in July 2023. Milburn’s quick ship service facilitated the installation of 2,340 square feet of Mannington Amtico flooring in Abstract Color: Tempus Soothe and Stucco Flax, alongside Tarkett Event Striate in the color Roma. Additionally, the library’s transformation aimed to create a more welcoming environment, incorporating a senior lounge with interactive elements, including a three-color quick ship checkered board on the floor.

Fulmar Road Elementary School, a part of the Mahopac School District, featured four classrooms outfitted with 4,968 square feet of Tarkett Crafted Plank in the Brunswick color, artfully arranged in a herringbone pattern. Milburn’s skilled team prepared the floors through grinding and self-leveling before installing these flooring solutions.

Similarly, Mahopac High School upgraded two classrooms and a tech lounge with a checkerboard flooring pattern. The emphasis was also on swift installation, and Milburn’s quick ship option met this requirement, ensuring a timely transformation.

Finally, Oceanside Elementary School’s cafeteria benefitted from a refreshed aesthetic, featuring Amtico Abstract flooring in colors Stucco Flax and Stucco Putty, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, a product from Milburn Quick Ship program. The initial space had outdated VCT flooring with noticeable color inconsistencies, making it an ideal candidate for Milburn’s prompt installation services. The project was completed within two days, encompassing one day for self-leveling and a second for tile installation.


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The project went very well and was completed sooner than I expected.
Irvington School District
RENU and Milburn are great reliable companies that are always a pleasure to deal with.
Farmingdale School District
Professional, courteous, reliable are all words to describe your services and people who work for you. I wish all companies had the integrity to stand behind their workmanship the way you do. It is a pleasure doing business with your... Read More
Longwood Central School District
Always easy to work with. Your sales reps have always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.
Kings Park School District
One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with.
Harrison School District
Wonderful service all around. Thank you!
Huntington Public Library