2021, Quarter 1

General Contractors are usually all-encompassing and manage every aspect of a job site but how many also provide specific areas of expertise? RENU has been in the GC business for decades and through their work in school districts across Long Island and throughout the Hudson Valley they identified the complex yet vital need for secure entryways. In an effort to bring more to the table, RENU focused on mastering the skillful, meticulous task of properly installing safe and secure vestibules.

It has become increasingly common to expect that when walking into a school, government facility, or any large building you will be met with a restrictive element of some sort. Security is paramount and what better way to provide that to customers than to employ experts that can craft a safe barrier to protect children and personnel from the unthinkable, allowing time to implement an action plan and for help to arrive.

If there is a need or desire for that extra level of security RENU is partnered with knowledgeable experts at Sunrise Door Solutions and Special Lite to assist in providing various security options that will prove optimal for a specific space and circumstance. From a basic upgrade, consisting of a bullet-resistant film spray that can be applied as a protective layer to existing glass windows and doors, to a complete bullet-resistant single or multi-door and frame installation, RENU’s team can install it. 

RENU has teamed up with ArmorCore®, a leader in ballistic panel design and fiberglass product development, providing the best and most efficient processes in the industry. With ArmorCore’s innovative technology there are a variety of options to install entryway security vestibules. One option to add more protection is to install Level 3 bullet-resistant panels into the partition walls within the security vestibules. 

This level is most commonly used to protect against handguns, making it much more secure. Another very effective access control installation that RENU provides is a small space consisting of two interlocking doors, known as a mantrap. They have installed many throughout school districts on Long Island to control visitor access. In order for a mantrap to work one of the doors must be closed in order for the other to open. This helps deny access to an unauthorized visitor. A transaction window is also installed with a microphone to allow identification exchange and for communication to occur.

To further protect people and vet visitors, RENU performed installations of a machine that runs background checks with the use of an individual’s ID. Upon approval this device prints a visitor’s pass with their photo on it.

The limitation of direct person-to-person contact security barriers provide can also serve to prevent the unnecessary spread of germs and viruses in addition to keeping personnel safe.

RENU has made it a priority to recognize what is needed within the construction industry and being employed by so many schools over the years pushed them to find more ways to be effective and help our communities. Safety and security of children was an obvious path to pursue and the value of bringing that knowledge and expertise into schools and public buildings is immeasurable.

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The project went very well and was completed sooner than I expected.
Irvington School District
RENU and Milburn are great reliable companies that are always a pleasure to deal with.
Farmingdale School District
Professional, courteous, reliable are all words to describe your services and people who work for you. I wish all companies had the integrity to stand behind their workmanship the way you do. It is a pleasure doing business with your... Read More
Longwood Central School District
Always easy to work with. Your sales reps have always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.
Kings Park School District
One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with.
Harrison School District
Wonderful service all around. Thank you!
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