Restoration Specialties


Water damage is a major contributor to property damage and is considered one of the most destructive elements in an indoor environment.  The formation of mold is a detrimental result of water left too long and due to the damaging nature of water the response time is key.  Our state of the art drying equipment provides air quality restoration that will dry out the area and prevent further damage.


A critical step after a fire is to take immediate action against further damage.  With advanced equipment for smoke odor removal, soot removal, deodorizing and drying wet property it is imperative that its done as soon as possible.  Our professionals understand that timing is key in recovering from fire damage and have extensive recommendations for all sorts of scenarios.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be one of the most serious problems in buildings and schools today. With over one-hundred different species of mold it is difficult for most people to distinguish harmful and toxic mold from other types.  Mold grows in areas with high humidity, poor ventilation and where there is standing water. The danger in having mold and fungus is people tend to be unaware of its existence and exposes them to potentially serious health risks.

Trust our RENU mold remediation experts to make the proper assessment and best suited plan of action to stop the problem at the source and prevent recurring problems.

Restoration Services